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Handmade string instruments as unique as you are

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Character pieces with class

When the sound fills the heart, a unique relationship between musician and instrument is created.

Whether you are a concert player or a passionate beginner, if you are looking for an instrument that suits you, serves as a long-term investment, was made sustainably with love and will accompany you for generations, Hellmichviolins is the right place for you.

Lisa Hellmich in München mit Geige in der Hand
My violin making workshop in Munich

The best sound

Brought into shape


Laetitia by Lisa Hellmich

Due to Guarneri’s typical characterful construction, with the focus on an eccentric sound, the violin has its own special charm.

Here the handwriting of the old Italian master is united with the ideas and imagination of the future generations of musicians.

This violin was made 100% by hand in my violin making workshop. It is an instrument that wants to be tamed and is ready for the big stage.

Hellmich Violine schräg ohne Hintergrund


February 2022 in Munich



Role model

Freely after Guarneri del Gesu


dark, pithy, rich in overtones, large volume, strong, sustaining

Violin maker Munich
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New construction

Handmade violins, violas and cellos in the style of the old masters.

Sound setting

As a violin maker, I will also be happy to make this for your stringed instrument in Munich.


Whether quick help, maintenance, hairing bows or bow repair.


Strings, cases, sleeves, mutes, tuners, shoulder rests, rosin & more.


In the assortment you will find violins, violas and cellos in all sizes for beginners and advanced players.


You want to sell your string instrument(s)? We will do it for you.


Sound research & quality

Wood selection, model, finishing & accessories – bringing these factors into harmony is the pinnacle of violin making. I would like to give you some insights into the scientific possibilities I have for this and how I work with sound research as a violin maker in Munich.

The possibility to apply my knowledge as a musician and to create with my hands an instrument that gives someone unimagined possibilities of expression fills me with deepest gratitude.
Logo Geigenbau Hellmich

Lisa Hellmich, violin maker in Munich

From musicians

For musicians

Before I started my journey to Mittenwald, on the trail of violin making and the search for the secret of sound, I devoted myself entirely to playing the violin. Already at a young age I won numerous competitions, among others 1st national prizes at “Jugend musiziert” and studied violin parallel to my Abitur.

This striving to devote oneself completely to one thing and to forget the world around oneself was already evident in my early childhood.

How the best sound is created

What we can do for you

Matter of the heart


To me, sustainability means preserving the resources and regenerative capacity of our ecosystem for future generations.

Vegan bow hair alternatives as well as not using endangered ebony in my violins are just a few of the approaches I am happy to inform you about.

We create sustainable sound values

The overexploitation of tropical woods used in violin making for fingerboards, tailpieces, pegs and bow sticks is one of the main issues posing new challenges to musical instrument making and violin making in particular.

Therefore, I have developed a sustainable approach to the construction of violins, violas and cellos in recent years and have intensively studied the growing market of products, woods and accessories for musicians.

My stringed instruments are not only sustainably made by 100% hand, without the use of machines in my violin making workshop in Munich, but also offer various environmentally friendly options that I would be happy to inform you about in a personal conversation.