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As a young musician, it has always been my dream to play an instrument with character that exactly fits my playing style and inspires me in my musicality.

If you ask musicians for a description of their instrument, you will get the most affectionate answers. It is “the life partner”, “the voice”, “a way to escape from everyday life”, “from another world where everything is beautiful”, “an extension of the self”, “the great love”.

Finding that one instrument for you to feel that intimate special relationship with, that you can rely on on any big stage, is my life’s work. I pay special attention to your own individuality as a person and advise and accompany you to combine your sound and visual ideas in an instrument.

Because there is that one special instrument that “matches” with just that one person.

That’s what makes it so fascinating for me. The moment when someone finds his voice is indescribable. Being sensitive to what musicians need and want is always an exciting journey.


Love for life

I love violin making. At the beginning of each instrument is a sound idea, which I strive to achieve through model selection, wood selection and finishing.

I dedicate about 250 hours to each violin and make them 100% by hand myself.

With artistic ambition

In order to achieve an excellent sound, I incorporate the knowledge of physics into the model, the choice of wood and the finish of the top and back, so that I can get the best out of the material.

As a musician, I have always dreamed of an instrument that also tells a story visually, so I love to get artistic with the varnishing and give them the charm of old master instruments. So I combine the best of two worlds: Modern, low-maintenance character instruments, with an antique look, bearing my own signature.

The supreme discipline is now to assess the preferences of my customers and to be sensitive to which instrument could be the great love for them and make their heart, as well as the heart of the listeners, beat faster. You will receive various suggestions and inspirations from me, whereupon you can try out my instrments free of charge for up to 30 days.

I am passionate about selecting the individual woods and already drawing up a plan in my head, browsing through trade journals and implementing new ideas. My exact ideas of what constitutes a soloistic sound and how a string instrument should sound have been formed and honed over the many years as a violinist.

My instruments spring from knowledge, intuition, patience, sensitivity and a deep creative power.

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Lisa Hellmich, violin maker in Munich

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