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New construction & sale

It has long since been proven that new string instruments need not be inferior to the old masters Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati etc. in terms of sound as well as appearance and may even have some advantages.

For one thing, newly built instruments are much more affordable, they also serve as a store of value, and they are much less sensitive to climate fluctuations.

My heart beats completely for the new construction of string instruments after the model of the old masters, which can develop their very own character. That is why I make violins, violas and cellos in my manufactory according to the latest findings in physics, sustainably and entirely in the Mittenwald tradition.



The sound of your instrument no longer meets your expectations or has changed? We will find the cause together and I will advise you on your options free of charge.



Just as we give our car an annual service, I recommend the same for your stringed instrument. If any damage has occurred, take down the string tension and make an appointment.

My professional review and a cost estimate are free of charge. If you are due for a repair, I will always offer you various options and keep you informed of the progress of the work on your instrument.

Our services also include hairing bows and bow repairs.


Sale on commission

If you want to sell your stringed instrument, this opportunity is offered by our professionally designed online catalog.

For the promotion of your instrument including professional pictures, advertising texts and the handling of sales and logistics, as well as insurance, a lump sum of 150 € will be charged.

The sales commission is 18.85% incl. Value added tax.

If your instrument needs to be reworked to meet the quality standard of the workshop, the costs incurred will be deducted only upon successful sale.

I will be happy to advise you individually on your options.



Sale of accessories such as strings, boxes, cases, mutes, tuners, metronome, shoulder rests, rosin, parquet protectors, etc.. I will gladly send the accessories to your home.



I purchase handmade student instruments for rental exclusively from European countries, which I then personally optimize for playability in my violin making workshop in Munich.

In the assortment you will find violins, violas and cellos for beginners and advanced players, on request in all sizes.

If you decide to buy your dream instrument at a later date, we will add 6 months’ rent to the purchase price – no matter which instrument from the range you wish to purchase.

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