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Learn to play the violin – how much does it cost?


It’s great that you are interested in learning an instrument! But especially as a newcomer in this field, you often feel lost and do not even know what costs await you. Here I try to give you an overview of the possibilities and expenses you can expect when learning an instrument.

The initial equipment

Are you still completely inexperienced with the instrument and would like to test first whether making music is something for you in the long term? Then I definitely recommend renting an instrument. At your local luthier, you can choose your instrument, shoulder rest and chin rest individually and get advice (this is very important, because every body is different and therefore needs individual equipment). The quality and playability of instruments from the luthier is many times better than any internet violin, which you can buy from 40 €. So please save yourself this misstep. You can find more about the topic

COST: Violin from 18€ per month (violin, bow, case, shoulder rest, rosin), if you decide to buy the instrument, 3 months rent will be charged. For more expensive violins the rent is about 1% of the total value (example violin 3000€ -> 30€ per month).

: You used to play and are getting back into it and know you want to make music for a lifetime? Then it is worth buying an instrument. Personally, I find a sustainable action in purchasing decisions very important, so I advise rather once to invest a little more money, instead of after 2-3 years to reach the limits of the sound of the instrument and to go in search of a new instrument again.

COST: student instrument from 700€ (mostly factory violins or simple handmade instruments)

My recommendation: with patience and comparison you can find good instruments between 1000-5000€, whereby taste and sound ideas are of course always a matter of taste and remain so.

My special offer and promise of quality: If you have purchased an instrument from me and would like an upgrade, you can return the instrument to me in payment, provided that you also purchase the new instrument from me. (Less any damage incurred and the repairs necessary for it, as well as replacement of strings bow hair and other wear parts).

TIP: How do price differences come about for instruments

The violin lessons

Violin lessons are available in private lessons or by contract, from private teachers or at a music school. Prices vary from region to region, so it’s worth comparing online. A good teacher who pays attention to the right technique right from the start is essential for learning progress.

COSTS: Kostenkiste.de has evaluated the fees of over 1,000 music schools in the Federal Republic of Germany. When signing a contract with a duration of 6 to 12 months, 45 minutes of music lessons per week cost about 83.51 euros. This corresponds to 1,002.14 euros per year.

In Munich, with a contract for 45 minutes at the teacher’s home, you can expect to pay about 100€ per month. If the teacher comes to you, it will be a little more expensive.

The maintenance

Yes, an instrument needs care and attention, how you can ensure yourself that your instrument remains in good condition you will learn
. There are “wear parts” on your instrument, much like a car. The more often you play, the sooner you need to go to the workshop. Generally I would visit a violin making workshop 1x a year, in case of damage of course always contact them immediately! The inspection is free of charge and in the best case nothing has to be done.

COST: bow hairing ca 85-100€ (professionals every 2 months, hobby musicians depending on condition ca 1x a year) strings ca 80-100€ (recommended hobby musicians ca 1x/year) fingerboard stripping ca 80-100€ (ca 1x/year)


Instrument insurance helps with theft, loss or damage and is based on the value of the instrument being insured.

COST: 50-100€ per year depending on the insured value and insurance.


I summarize in the table below the average that can be expected in terms of expenses:

Violin lessons with contract1200€
*Average expenditure on learning the violin per year

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