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Why do you need to tune a stringed instrument?


Most stringed instruments are built from natural raw materials that react to changes in temperature and humidity (more here…).

I still remember one of the first physics lessons in school, where we found out in a series of experiments that material expands when heated and shrinks when cooled. For example, if the strings expand when heated, the string tension decreases and they sound deeper.

The situation is similar with increasing humidity, where the material increases in volume. If the humidity drops, then the pegs, for example, dry and shrink slightly and the string tension decreases. Thus, the entire instrument is permanently exposed to minimal fluctuations, which favor detuning of the string.

The strings are also stressed by playing the instrument, which may well require retuning after longer practice sessions.

New strings often go out of tune at the beginning, because they first have to get used to the permanent tension. If you ever have difficulty winding strings or tuning the instrument, ask your teacher for help or visit a luthier.

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