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This topic has been on my mind for a long time, because occasionally I receive messages from customers who have found a supposed super bargain on the Internet. “Violin for 39,99€, traditional handmade, made by experienced instrument makers, just tune and go” it says.

Unfortunately, this promise ALWAYS proves not to be true . Although a sound can probably be brought out, quality and real craftsmanship, as well as a good sound are definitely missing at this price.

When I then take measurements and tell the customer that a new bridge (the bridges of these cheap violins are adjusted to the price, NOT!), fingerboard straightening, pegs, a suitable voice and other strings would be necessary, the disappointment is great. For the price that would have to be invested in the instrument, you can already buy an instrument that has REALLY been set up by a real luthier in terms of sound and playing technique.

Even if you can somehow play on these instruments, it will always remain “somehow”. The joy of making music quickly evaporates at the sight and smell of the spray paint, as well as the sound, which is more like a tin can. Yes I’m really almost pissed that something like this is still being made since there is obviously a demand. Moreover, it is not even illegal to use the term violin maker in manufacturing. In fact, this profession is not protected. Anyone could give themselves the title of violin maker and practice this profession without an exam or training.

My recommendations on this topic is the humorous video of Twoset Violin testing inexpensive accessories and a $30 violin.

My second recommendation: It is better to go to a luthier once. Advice costs nothing and a well set up instrument of excellent quality contributes significantly to long-term playing pleasure. More here…

Another video recommendation is from Olaf the Violinmaker. He is testing a $100 violin. It’s probably no secret what comes out of it, but see for yourself:

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