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What is important in a good beginner instrument

First of all, I advise against buying an obviously broken instrument without expert advice, without being able to estimate the cost of repair and also the sound. Collectors may be interested in such a purchase, but this article is aimed at people who want to buy an instrument that is already intact and ready to play.

The wolf tone – what is it?

Many cellos and double basses have it, the wolf. However, this is not an animal that lives in the instrument or a hip accessory, but a sound phenomenon that can occur in certain frequency ranges. Violins and violas, are affected much less frequently due to their size. Now you can find out exactly why.

Learn to play the violin – how much does it cost?

It’s great that you’re interested in learning an instrument! But especially as a newcomer in this field, you often feel lost and do not even know what costs await you. Here I try to give you an overview of the possibilities and expenses that come up when learning an instrument.

Concert calendar

Making music is an important part of my life along with being a luthier, I am happy to share these special stage moments through different genres:

The various events, bands and concerts are linked.

Why do you need to tune a stringed instrument?

Most stringed instruments are built from natural raw materials that react to changes in temperature and humidity (more here…).

I still remember one of the first physics lessons in school, where we found out in a series of experiments that material expands when heated and shrinks when cooled. For example, if the strings expand when heated, the string tension decreases and they sound deeper.

How do the price differences of instruments come about? What is the value of an instrument?

What I think about 39,99€ violins should be no secret after my last blog post at the latest (more here…). But what makes the difference between a €10,000 violin and a Stradivarius that trades for several million?

The “mystery of the Stradivari” as many call it, I do not want to roll up in this article at all. Let’s rather philosophize about the differences that justify such an immense price range in instruments.

The difference

This topic has been on my mind for a long time, because all too often customers visit me who have struck a super bargain on the Internet. “Violin for 39,99€, traditional handwork, made by experienced instrument makers, just tune and go” it says.

Unfortunately, this promise ALWAYS proves not to be true . Although a sound can probably be brought out, quality and real craftsmanship, as well as a good sound are definitely missing at this price.

Care is the be-all and end-all

Stradivari and Guarneri instruments prove that with good care violin, viola, cello and double bass can last several centuries. Here you can find out which factors play an important role and how you can help to keep your instrument in excellent condition: